Coaching Philosophy

Training Zones Ignoring training zones is a common error among triathletes. Whether it’s pushing too hard or not hard enough during high or low intensity workouts. We help each athlete and consistently show them which training zones they should target in each workout prescribed.

Identify Weaknesses and Strengths If it’s the run, bike, swim, or transition, we all have a weak spot. We discuss the specific area that is needed for improvement and work with the individual to excel in that specific area.

Simplicity and Predictability Variation can get confusing for an athlete and thats why we love being able to tell you what to predict in training to show you your improvements. A little variation is necessary, but too much variation can throw off a training plan and completly ruin a season.

Staying Healthy and Injury Free Over-Training can be hard to realize as an athlete, but as a coach, we are able to prevent this from ever happening. We know when to let your body back off from training. and how to keep you healthy and injury-free

Recovery We like to focus on Eating Right, Sleeping/Napping, Unwinding, Listening to and Tuning into your body. Other coaches feel that recovery may not be needed or very little rest is needed. Resting and Recovery is not just a physical break, but a mental break as training can get quite stressful in an already busy day.

Balance Balancing your life can be a circus act at times, but we get it, you have other commitments. We help you work around them to fit in your training. We implement time saving workouts that give you the results without being time consumed in training.

Having Fun Because you wouldn’t have started this path of triathlons if you never had fun.