10 Benefits of Hiring a Triathlon Coach


A triathlon coach offers many different things, but as a triathlete, you want the answer to the critical question: “What’s in it for me?”

At TriGuy Multisport Coaching, we understand your concern and want to take a few minutes to address that question and any concerns you may have about hiring a triathlon coach.

You may have already signed up for your first race or want to start off the racing season on the right foot. You may have limited training time or limited funds – both of which I understand from the perspective of having been coached and coaching other athletes. Having been on both sides, I know there are real benefits to using a triathlon coach.

Communication and Attentive Listening

Communication is critical. However, attentive, respective listening is a rare but important coaching quality. We don’t just talk about sport science nonstop. We listen to you, the athlete. We know the importance of feedback and open communication in the athlete/coach relationship, so we work to provide you with clear, quality instruction and continual feedback… critical in getting to know you better to help make you a successful triathlete.

Ongoing Phone and Email Contact as Needed

We believe in personal attention in endurance and triathlon coaching. For that reason, our roster never exceeds 20 athletes, so we can provide the attention you need through weekly contact via Skype or phone calls and unlimited daily contact via email. This personal communication builds the best connection and makes it fun for an open discussion for any questions you may have.

Objective Feedback

We provide objective coaching feedback in a constructive manner for triathlon training and multisport athletes. We tell you what we see and what needs improvement. By providing an objective voice on both racing and training, you don’t have to second guess your workouts. We evaluate your training cycles for the proper balance between hard and recovery workouts.


We create a personal training plan focused on your goals. To achieve your athletic performance goals, you need someone looking over your shoulder to prevent slacking off or procrastination and to keep you motivated. We won’t allow you to waste our efforts and will hold you accountable to your triathlon training and racing goals and will occasionally provide a swift kick in the rear to help you get out the door.

Balance of Educated and Experienced Coaching

We have the right balance of formal education, practical and technical experience, and athletic achievement. While this alone doesn’t make a great coach, having a degree in sport science and racing experience gives us the benefit of understanding the elements of athletics and performance. We strive to teach you everything necessary to your specific sport such as swim/bike/run techniques and analysis, how to train, when/how to recover, nutrition, mental skills, goal setting, race tactics, tapering as well as developing your annual training and racing plan.

Daily Detailed Workouts

You get the benefit of daily detailed workouts emailed in 4-week blocks via the online training log through a premium TrainingPeaks athlete account (with no ads), post-workout and real-time feedback and analysis. We use this online software to gain your feedback and training data, allowing us to learn your training patterns to become a better endurance athlete.

Personalized Nutritional Guidance for Performance

We provide intelligent advice on endurance nutrition for peak athletic performance, including supplements to complement your diet and workload as well as designing a caloric intake and fueling plan for pre-,during-, and post-race nutrition. We ensure you understand the principles of endurance nutrition and supplementation and have the ability to prescribe a fueling plan that is tailored to you.

We Take Care of the Small Details Instead of You

If you are a self-coached athlete, you have to worry about the small details of your training plan and training phases. As your triathlon coach, we simplify your life by taking care of the details of your personalized endurance training program. This allows you to focus entirely on what you enjoy most about endurance sports.

Structured Fitness and Training Program

A structured program provides you with the ability to work consistently and effectively toward your athletic goals, increasing the probability of success. We create a training schedule that reflects your lifestyle, family, and work obligations, giving you a feeling of control. Structure provides confidence in avoiding overtraining by including all aspects of endurance training from long, easy runs to recovery days to strength sessions in the gym.

Detailed Race Day Planning and Execution Strategies

Racing can be scary, but a good athletic or triathlon coach is there to help you through it. We plan the correct taper for you and provide detailed race day planning, strategies, and tactics to see you excel and race your personal best. Race execution doesn’t start when the gun goes off. You need a specific pacing, nutritional, and race equipment plan for every race ensure success. We’ll provide that.

So these are my top 10 benefits of hiring a triathlon coach. Feel free to review the success others have enjoyed with TriGuy Multisport Coaching as their coach. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, andInstagram for the latest updates on what our coaches and athletes are doing.