Beat the Heat to Improve Your Workout with Hand Cooling Device

Beating the heat does more than simply make you more comfortable during your hot-weather workouts. Your body works to dissipate heat on hot, humid days… energy better used for your training. The better you can thermoregulate, the better you will perform. Lower your core temperature and you lower your heart rate and perceived heat stress, saving energy that can be redirected to increase muscle exertion. You can train longer and harder to improve your running performance.

Letting your body use energy for movement makes a lot more sense than forcing it to use energy to cool you off while you’re working out. So how do you do it? That’s where the BEX Runner by Cool Palms, LLC comes in. The BEX (Better Exercise eXperience) Runner is a fabric-covered gel pack that fits in the palm of your hand. You see, your palms actually work like your body’s radiator. Along with the soles of your feet, they contain blood vessels designed to carry heat away from your core.

By cooling your palm, you can improve your body’s ability to dissipate heat and cool your core more effectively. If you’ve noticed how cool you feel overall by putting your feet in cold water, you’ve experienced this in action. It’s known as performance cooling. Performance cooling occurs by pulling heat out of the body, and is much more effective for cooling than comfort cooling which tries to push cold into the body.

The BEX Runner is worn on one hand. It’s lightweight and doesn’t impair your running movement. Simply freeze it for about four hours, strap it to you palm, and go. It’s form-fitting and maximizes surfaces coverage, and it lasts about an hour. As long as the gel pack is cooler than the surrounding air, it’s working. You can improve your running performance by cooling your core, and there’s no easier way to it than with this innovative hand-held cooling device.

Note: Cool Palms, LLC recommends using the palm cooler before or after cycling, but not during due to risk of brake operation impairment.