Best Chamois Crème for Endurance Riders | Endurance Shield

It’s nearly impossible to improve your riding performance and endurance without logging hours in the saddle. However, as you may have already learned the hard way, long hours on the bike can result in saddle sores and skin irritation. If you’re like most riders, chafing and hot spots are all too frequent.

First, the right way to use chamois crème is to apply it to you rather than your shorts, so you want to be certain that the product is a natural choice since you’ll be applying it to your most delicate areas! Since today’s shorts no longer use true chamois, you need a product designed for your skin, not fabric.

I’ve found that Endurance Shield’s Chamois Crème is the ideal product. It reduces friction, keeping you cool and comfortable, and it also prevents bacterial and fungal infection, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is equally important.

Endurance Shield Chamois Crème blends Azulene (known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties), Echinacea (promotes faster healing of skin abrasions), and Calendula (another anti-inflammatory proven to reduce dermatitis). Plus this great lubricant and moisturizer contains nature’s own anti-bacterial agent: tea tree oil. It’s the perfect ingredient list: short and all-natural.

Endurance Shield’s special blend of these natural ingredients does exactly what you need (and want) your chamois crème to do: prevent friction, calm pain and promote healing. Plus this product seconds as a great healing lotion for any part of your body including chapped, dry, cracked or chafed skin.

Don’t let friction and saddle discomfort shorten your ride. And certainly don’t let bacterial and fungal infections take you out of the race. I encourage you to try Endurance Shield high performance Chamois Crème to shield you on your longest rides, so you can improve performance and reach your personal best.