Better Biking with CycleOps Power Meters

Having a heart-rate monitor is key for anybody looking to get the most out of their workout, whether in cycling or some other form of exercise, but when it comes to maximizing your potential on the bike, having a good power meter system is vital.

Since their inception in the 1980s, power meters have given riders a boost when it comes to preparing for races and ensuring the best possible workout regimens. Today, there are a lot of power meter options out there, but CycleOps provides the best power meter on the market, with affordable prices and accurate measurements to help you make the most of your ride.

Boost Your Performance

The last generation’s monitoring systems just don’t quite cut it anymore. Knowing your heart rate is one thing; knowing how much power you’re really putting into your ride is something totally different.

CycleOps power meters allow riders to maximize their training using a number of different techniques, because the meters provide precise measurements of the most important factors behind a good race: maximum power, average power, and instantaneous power.

Intensity workouts are a great example of how power meters provide major benefits over more basic monitoring systems. With a heart rate monitor, intensity has to be measured by your heart’s performance during the routine and your own guess as to how much you should be exerting yourself. With a good power meter, you can give yourself specific goals for how much power you should be putting into each intensity zone, meaning that you will be able to reach your objectives for performance on the track rather than simply working on your cardio fitness.

CycleOps power meters can provide you with training feedback that other systems just can’t provide. A heart rate device is going to vary in its effectiveness for different periods. At the beginning of a workout, you may be shooting for a certain level of power output, but the heart rate monitor is only going to tell you that you’re not working hard enough. And on days when your body isn’t firing on all cylinders, the heart rate monitor is going to be much more forgiving than a power meter. If you want to push yourself to achieve your goals every time you get on the bike, a power meter is the only way to do that.

Flexible Options

The good thing about CycleOps meters is that they offer such a wide variety of options. At their most basic, you can find different classes of hubs to fit whatever budget you are on. You can also choose from basic rear hubs or disc hubs to fit your preference for power meters.

In addition, these meters can be wirelessly connected with your favorite monitoring computer, allowing you to keep track of all the important information you need to assess your training, whether you are looking at heart rate, overall riding time, distance, or the more advanced numbers on how much power you are putting into the ride.

CycleOps power meters are dependable for accurate measurements during your workout, and they can help you push yourself to the next level on the track.