Complete Protection for Endurance Athletes

When you spend a lot of time outdoors training, like you do, you need protection from the elements – especially sun and wind, not to mention your bike saddle. It’s simple, and I hope you haven’t learned the hard way, suffering chapped lips, sunburn, saddle sores, and sore muscles. You know how beneficial it is to package your training session for maximum benefit? Now there’s a package of protection products that covers you with complete protection. It’s the Endurance Shield High Performance Package.


First, whether you bike, run or swim (or all three), you must protect your skin. As a fair-skinned endurance athlete, I know first-hand how important sun protection is. I believe I’ve found the best sunblock available, and I wrote about it earlier (Sunblock That Works as Hard as You Do)

And after you’ve protected your skin, you have to protect your lips too! The sun, the wind and the cold will all wreak havoc on your lips without lip balm. In fact, there are no conditions in which you should be outside without it. You need it year-round. The lip balm that is part of my every day workout is Endurance Shield Lip Protectant. I use it because it works.

For triathletes and anyone who puts in a lot of miles on a bike, chamois crème is a must to reduce friction, keep you cool, and prevent bacterial and fungal infections. I’ve found that Endurance Shield’s Chamois Crème works great before, during and after a workout. It’s works both as a preventative and also as a healing lotion for chapped, dry, cracked or chafed skin.

Finally, no matter what endurance training you do, you are bound to end up with sore, aching muscles. Sore muscles mean you’re improving, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the aches and pain.Endurance Shield Muscle Relief and Repair helps relieve sore muscles and works as an ideal massage cream as well.

I’ve found that all of the Endurance Shield products do double duty. You want your workouts to maximize your effort, and I believe you’ll find these products do the same thing. Plus they are all made with natural ingredients and all are good for your skin. The best part is that Endurance Shield has combined all four products into their High Performance Package, so you can enjoy the benefits of each one while saving money.

Now that really makes sense: efficient, effective, and good for you… and your wallet. Every workout should deliver the benefits of Endurance Shield’s High Performance Package!