Convenient Core Training with Valslide

As a triathlete, you’re always looking for different and better ways to attack those core muscles and improve your lower body strength. If you have ever tried out a slide board, you know that it can provide a great workout for your midsection and leg muscles. But you also know that slide boards take up significant space at home and can wind up costing a pretty penny.

Now, you can get all the benefits of a slide board exercise with none of the same hassles by using Valerie Waters’ Valslide. The Valslide is a great way to incorporate slide exercises in your workout routine without having to clear out space in your living room or your bank account to set up a slide board at home.Valslide is compact and convenient, and it can make it a whole lot easier to get those exercises done at home.

In Your Living Room or On the Go

Valslide founder Valerie Waters has worked for years as a physical trainer for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and she understands the needs of those looking to get a good workout in without always needing to go to the gym to do it. She created Valslide specifically for those hoping to improve their fitness with a convenient, easy-to-use exercise tool.

Not all people preparing for a triathlon have the time (or the inclination) to head out to the pool, the track, or the gym to get a workout in. Valslide offers the ideal combination of convenience and a demanding exercise so that athletes in training always have access to a good workout, even when they feel like staying home.

Valslide’s sleek, compact design offers all of the same benefits as a slide board without any of the size limitations. Whereas in the past, people hoping to include those types of exercise had to have a sufficient space available for a board, that is no longer a requirement. The Valslide system involves just two compact foot panels, meaning that you can do the exact same exercises without having to clear out so much room.

Valslide’s small size also makes it perfect for travel. Even when you are on the go or on vacation, you can stick your Valslide into a carry-on bag and be able to use it whenever you have a few minutes open for exercise.

A Variety of Exercises

Valslide is an effective tool for building muscle in a number of areas, but it is particularly effective for the quads, abdominals, and gluteus muscles. Those looking to build up any of those areas—both for better performance in triathlon training and just for looking better and feeling more confident—will have a much easier time with Valslide than they would with many of the other exercise options out there.

In addition, Valslide can be adapted for other types of exercise. Doing push-ups and other weight-based exercises using Valslide allows you to exercise more muscles at once. Also, those going through rehab can use Valslide to ease their way into other forms of exercise.

Valslide is convenient for use in the home or on the go, and it helps athletes and others in training get the results they’re looking for.