Easy Massage Treatment with Roll Recovery’s R8 Roller

When you’re going through your triathlon training regimen, you place high demands on your body to perform. So, it makes sense that you treat your body before and after a workout or race, too.

Roll Recovery’s R8 massage roller is a revelation in the muscle treatment modality market. The massage roller is a small, light device with eight wheels for massaging muscles to prepare for or recover from exercise, and any athlete looking for the best, most convenient method for treating their muscles should give the R8 Roller a try.

Muscle Recovery

Triathlon training means day after day of long, difficult workouts. Beyond the mental strain of convincing yourself to go through each day’s workout, no matter how difficult it is, the physical strain on your muscles can sometimes feel like too much. Especially after a difficult workout, your muscles may feel totally exhausted and sore, and they might still be feeling the effects of an especially tough workout a day or two later.

The reason for that is that when you go through a difficult workout and exert your muscles for a long period of time, lactic acid and other waste chemicals can build up in the muscles. In order to recover, the body has to flush those chemicals out of the muscles, and while there are obviously natural processes for doing so, they are frequently too slow for those looking to get in demanding workouts for daily triathlon training.

That’s where recovery modalities come in. Many athletes opt for compression and other forms of treatment, but these kinds of treatments just aren’t effective in every situation. Some are effective but are simply too bulky to use in different settings, and some just don’t do the job for triathletes looking for the best recovery methods.

High Quality Treatment

Roll Recovery’s R8 massage roller combines convenience with the highest quality treatment for both before and after a workout.

In order to flush waste chemicals out of the muscles, the R8 massage roller uses spring compression to apply pressure to the muscle being treated. It is flexible in size, meaning that people of any size can use it, and it is also effective for multiple muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and others.

The size is also one of the major benefits to the R8 massage roller. The massage roller is only about a foot long, so it allows athletes to take it anywhere. Many have found it especially useful for staying fresh during long flights to races overseas. Others simply like to take it with them in their race bag so that they can stay in the best shape during the long wait before the race starts and get started with the recovery process right after the race ends. The device weighs just over two pounds, so whether you’re looking for some massage treatment during a long ride or a long wait, or just sitting on your couch at home, the R8 massage roller works anywhere.

For athletes that expect the best results from their body, the recovery process is a huge part of a good workout routine. The R8 massage roller delivers good results anywhere an athlete may need to use it.