Endurance Shield Post-Workout Sore Muscle Relief & Repair

You train hard. You push yourself. Your muscles respond. And your muscles let you know after a tough workout. They hurt and they’re sore. Muscles are critical to your athletic performance, so treat them accordingly.

Give Your Muscles What They Deserve

As an endurance athlete, you know that rest and recuperation are every bit as important to your overall performance as a hard workout. Sore muscles are the indicator that you pushed hard and forced your body to do more. It’s actually a good thing (when it indicates muscle growth, not a serious injury). In fact, soreness results from tiny tears that occur and that your body is in the process of healing. Rest and proper nutrition are critical to this healing process, but that doesn’t mean you have to hurt and endure the soreness. Plus, there’s one other important factor in muscle healing.


Massage Relieves Muscle Soreness


Your body’s response to those tiny tears is inflammation, and massage is important to reduce the amount of cytokines (cell-signaling protein molecules that help regulate function) that play a part in inflammation. Massage also helps increase the amount of mitochondria in your muscles that improve your muscles’ ability to take up and use oxygen. Less inflammation and more oxygen are benefits a massage provides to promote muscle recovery and growth.

But there’s an even better solution: massage combined with the right muscle relief and repair cream. There are plenty of products available to relieve muscle soreness and many have been around for decades. However, older doesn’t mean better. Which is why I’ve started using Endurance Shield’s Muscle Relief and Repair.

It’s been providing me with effective relief from sore muscles as well as other body aches and pains including a few stiff and aching joints. Combined with a massage, this provides me with a great one-two punch to speed my muscle healing and recovery. There are no added ingredients to Muscle Relief and Repair that create warming or cooling sensations, so you can enjoy a massage without uncomfortable tingling, burning and numbness. (You can also simply apply this product to your sore muscles without getting a massage.)


As with all of their stuff Endurance Shield offers, it’s also good for your skin, fortified with botanicals that help nourish and enrich your skin. Muscle relief ointments have to be applied to your skin, so why would you want one that helps your muscles but hurts your skin? With this product, you’ll be doing your muscles and skin a big favor.

You know that you can’t achieve top athletic performance if you skimp on training, and training hard means sore muscles. With Muscle Relief and Repair Cream, you’ll be providing the treatment your muscles need to recover and get ready for your next tough workout.