Fitness on a Higher Plane with the Core Stick

Sometimes, basic exercises just don’t cut it for people trying to get the best preparation possible for an upcoming triathlon. Crunches and pushups can be helpful for overall fitness, but they do little to mimic the actual motions that athletes use for the different parts of a triathlon, so their effectiveness as part of a training regimen is somewhat limited.

That’s where the Core Stick comes in. Light in weight but versatile in its uses, anybody training for a triathlon can get a great workout using the Core Stick, and they can target multiple important muscle groups using this one piece of equipment.

How the Core Stick Works

Those looking to get the most out of their triathlon training workouts shouldn’t have to settle for the same movements that basic exercises provide. The Core Stick is an innovative piece of equipment that helps people work on sport-specific ranges of motion so that they can be as prepared as possible for the actual race.

The Core Stick is a fairly simple piece of equipment, but it gives users a ton of benefit. The basic setup includes a power core of varying weight attached to two handles, with different orientations for different workouts. Using the variety of exercises provided on and the instructional DVD that is included with the initial package, people can determine which exercises—and which level of intensity—is appropriate for them based on their overall fitness and their targeted physical activities.

The Core Stick has a leg up on other pieces of exercise equipment because it allows for exercise in every plane of motion. Rather than focusing on one range of motion, like most abdominal exercise devices, the Core Stick provides the possibility for motion in any direction, giving users great flexibility in terms of what muscles they want to target in their exercise.
And because of how the Core Stick is used, athletes can take advantage of the light-weight core to target certain muscles without tiring out others. The heaviest core available is just 14 pounds, because the Core Stick uses the principle of momentum to build up a more intense workout. What feels like a light weight at rest can feel a whole lot heavier when in motion, giving the muscles a better workout without extra strain on the arms.

Possible Exercises with the Core Stick

There are practically infinite exercise possibilities with the Core Stick, but here are a few to give you an idea of how versatile this equipment can be.

For one exercise, you can hold the Core Stick overhead with your hands on each side of the power core. From an upright, seated position, hold the Core Stick above your head and lean from left to right. Use different speeds to give your core muscles an extra workout.


To add to your abdominal workout, sit as you would for crunches but hold the Core Stick in front of you. From a 45-degree angle, rotate across your body, with the stick further or closer based on how intense of a workout you are looking for.