Fumble-Free Transitions with the T1 Pro Race Belt

For athletes, whether they’re football players or training and racing triathlons, “fumbling” is always bad. I’ve never experienced it on the gridiron, but it has happened to me more times than I care to think about in triathlons (fell out of transition trying to get on my bike while worry about my race number belt)

Not only does every fumble cost precious time, but each one breaks our concentration and suddenly forces us to focus on something other than our transitions or the current leg of the race. When you find a piece of gear that can prevent those fumbles, you go for it, no questions asked.

The T1 Pro Race Belt is that piece of gear.

They call it “The World’s Fastest Race Belt,” but what we care about is how it can help you be your fastest. When comparing race belts, triathlon competitors have a number of features to consider. The T1 Pro checks off everything on my “must have” list for a top quality triathlon race belt, unlike many other belts on the market today. Here are the highlights:

  • Buckles instantly with high-strength neodymium magnets to deliver a solid, confidence-building closure
  • Designed to facilitate the fastest possible transitions
  • Built to withstand up to 10 pounds of pressure
  • Features 10 elastic loops that let you keep your energy gels perfectly positioned
  • Includes three reflective patches that keep you safe when it starts to get dark on the course, and
  • Has two fully adjustable sliders with press-fit lace locks to hold your race number right where you need it and allow you to switch it around when you move between legs

When I review any product, especially triathlon clothing and gear, I’m looking for an elegant design that uses the best materials and that’s what I’ve found in the T1 Pro Race Belt. Both men and women will love it. Since this is a “one size fits all” belt you know the adjustability you require for a perfect fit is built into it.

Of course, it’s a great training belt as well. With 10 loops at your side to handle your gels, you can keep your metabolism stoked on even the most rugged training days.

Anyone hunting down the best race belt for triathlons has found it in the T1 Pro. Chuck those poorly designed belts or stick them with your backpacking gear and use them as tie downs.

Add a T1 Pro Race Belt to your arsenal today.