Improve Your Swimming Performance and Speed

You know that technique is critical to improved performance, and because water is obviously denser than air, your swimming technique may be more critical than your running or cycling technique. You get the most resistance in the water, so you’ll want to get every performance benefit from your stroke possible. Swim Speed Workouts is a great tool to improve your swim stroke, increase your speed in the water, and boost your overall performance.

Taormina’s program is designed to help you build swimming speed one step at a time over 16 weeks. You know that all efficient movement is more than arms and legs, and these high-impact workouts will help you build whole-body swimming fitness. These swim workouts are also designed to help you make the most of your time in the training pool. You’ll have a plan and a focus for each workout, so you’ll finish your training session knowing exactly how you got better and took another step toward your goal of improved swimming performance.

In addition to the book, the kit comes with 75 cards (waterproof, of course, or what good would they be?) arranged and color coded by section for tool kit, drills, tubing, and workouts. The tool kit cards are designed to help you understand how to do the training sets in each work out. The drill cards will help you isolate one part of your stroke on which to focus for technique improvement. Tubing is the most practical tool for developing strength and flexibility in your underwater pull, and every workout includes a tubing set. Finally, there are 50 workout cards that can be placed on the pool deck for quick reference. Workouts are designed to help you develop a better, more propulsive freestyle stroke. Plus, Swim Speed Workouts also includes endurance training workouts as well.

The cards include clear explanations and plenty of detailed pictures, but the program even goes further than that. You know that I believe in the power of video, and when you purchase Swim Speed Workouts, you’ll also gain access to the library of videos that will show you exactly how each drill is done.

Sure, you have to get in the pool and swim the workouts, but don’t risk swimming an ineffective workout or practicing poor techniques. Learn the best technique for improved swimming performance and spend your time in the pool with workouts that will help you achieve faster swimming times and greater endurance.