Keep Your Stroke In Line One Kickboard At A Time

Pretty much the best way to improve your performance at any discipline is to break it down into its component parts, then focus your efforts on taking each element to a higher level. That way, when you put all the pieces back together, small improvements in each element add up to significant benefits overall.

It’s no different with swimming. So, when it comes to achieving faster speeds, better times and more return from your effort, there’s no better training device than the Finis Alignment Kickboard for making sure you’ve got the most streamlined body position possible.

This kickboard has a great hydrodynamic profile shape so it cuts through the water without holding you back. And when you’re in the pool, it sits just beneath the surface so you can really lengthen your body without having to kick on an incline, which you have to do when using higher floating devices.

There’s also a strap on top into which you can slip your hands, or hand. That gives you immediate control without having to grip the sides of the board, so you gain even better alignment all the way down your body.

Compared with other kickboards, the Finis is more compact, so there’s less pressure and strain thrown onto your shoulders which means you can concentrate just on the legwork drills you want, from freestyle kick through to dolphin.

And if you’re looking to focus on head alignment, just put on a snorkel and you have a really powerful training combination. You can also use it for one arm and side kicking drills.

The Finis Alignment Kickboard is made from a sturdy type of foam, so it’s light to carry around, but strong enough to take the knocks, so you’ll get good long-term value from it.

All in all, this is a fantastic training tool and a real plus to have in your swim bag.