ObjectusVideo – Motion and Video Gait Analysis Software

Vault Your Performance with Video

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then video is exponentially valuable and is the perfect tool to really improve your performance.

When you combine video with analysis software and deliver it at the right price, it’s worth its weight in gold (or silver or bronze). That’s exactly what Objectus Technology has created with its ObjectusVideo – Mac Video Analysis Software. I’m a true believer that analysis video and performance improvement go hand-in-hand. I’ve seen it work; I know it works.

It’s one thing to review video of yourself, but when you can combine video review with analytical and drawing tools, you’ll clearly see where improvements are needed. The moment you can see what needs to be corrected or tweaked, you’ll be on your way to improving your performance.

As a coach, I’ve always understood the benefit of reviewing technique via video and data collection. Data is information, and information is power. But cost was often the sticking point. I struggled to justify the thousand-dollar price tags that came with some of the popular and well-known video analysis software programs. Then I found ObjectusVideo at a fraction of the cost.

Like its more expensive counterparts, ObjectusVideo lets you analyze video in slow motion and also synchronize multiple videos to analyze differences in your technique or stroke, whether it compares you with another athlete or shows your improvement from one race to the next.

While the product was originally created for and targeted to golfers, I quickly saw and applied its features with the triathletes I coach. It has become as invaluable a tool to me as a stopwatch!

Here are some of the great features:

  • Side by side comparisons: You can work with up to four videos in a single window while adjusting the zoom and pan features for each one individually. Of course, the action can all by synchronized.
  • Live magnifiers that update for each frame.
  • Measure speed and distance calculations in the video (provided the scale of the video is known)
  • Extensive markup tools and the ability to advance the video while drawing.
  • The layers feature allows for multiple drawing canvases over a single video.
  • FREE demo! Except for the watermark, the demo is fully functional and will not time out, giving you plenty of time to experiment with the software to see how you will be able to use it to improve your technique and competitive edge.

At only $129, this is one tool you will not want to pass up in your quest to achieve your personal best.

I’m partnering with Objectus because it’s a great product, and I’ve found their support to be extremely helpful. To download your free demo, visit http://www.objectustech.com/ObjectusVideo

Seeing is believing.