Perfect Your Core with Perfect Fitness

When it comes to improving upper-body and core strength, there are a ton of products out there that claim to give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. It can be tough to sift through the imitation products and find equipment and systems that really work for people that are willing to work hard to improve their bodies.

Perfect Fitness delivers on all fronts when it comes to high quality upper-body strength equipment and devices. Developed by a Navy Seal to help all types of people improve their fitness in healthy, affordable ways, Perfect Fitness can help with all aspects of upper-body strength training, which is an especially important aspect of training for the swim portion of the triathlon.

In particular, the Perfect Pushup and Ab-Carver Pro can be of great use to people training for a triathlon. They allow for safe, efficient training for the core and upper body, and they come at a low price tag at

Perfect Your Pushups

The pushup can do wonders for the body. For anybody looking to work on practically any area of the upper body, basic pushups are a vital part of the routine, with benefits for the abs, chest, core, and arms.

But for the most effective version of the exercise, the body needs a little bit of help. Because the hands are stationary during pushups, doing this exercise can cause some extra tension in the shoulders and cuts down their effectiveness.

The Perfect Pushup solves these issues. The device’s rotating handles allow you to have a more natural range of motion in your pushups, rather than forcing your hands to stay stationary throughout your repetitions. That means a more effective and efficient workout, allowing you to target more of your muscles at once.

For added benefit, the Perfect Pushup is a highly mobile piece of equipment. The handles measure less than seven inches across and weigh less than one pound each, meaning that if you are traveling or simply need to be able to take your workout with you, the Perfect Pushup is right for you.

Sculpt Your Abs

Whether for better triathlon performance or just for better aesthetics, it never hurts to have great abs. TheAb-Carver Pro makes it easier than ever to get a fantastic abdominal workout at home.

The Ab-Carver Pro takes the model of more basic ab rollers and perfects it. The benefit of a roller is that it challenges the abdominal muscles to exert themselves at a higher level, with more demand on a variety of muscles. Most rollers, however, are unstable and excessively challenging, causing users to tire of them quickly.

The Ab-Carver Pro solves the issues that other ab rollers have. With a carbon steel spring inside the wheel, the Ab-Carver lets athletes draw all the benefit from the extension side of the repetition but makes the way back up a lot easier. Whereas some muscles tire a lot faster than others using more basic systems, the Ab-Carver Pro makes for a more comprehensive workout. Add that to better stability and comfortable grips, and Perfect has the ideal ab workout equipment.