Picky Bars Give Great Taste and Nutrition

We triathletes can be a picky bunch when it comes to eating. Nutrition is a massive part of smart training for those preparing for a triathlon, and paying attention to diet can be the difference between success and failure in a triathlon.

Picky Bars are some of the best snack foods on the planet when it comes to nutrition for high-intensity athletes. They combine great taste with high levels of all of the nutrients you need for training, both before and after workouts and races, and they come in a number of flavors to satisfy any athlete’s taste buds.

Smart Eating

Eating the right balance of nutrients is an important part of dieting for athletes of all types. It is important to pick out foods that will deliver the right kinds of nutrients to your body so that you can perform at your best and recover as fast as possible.

Picky Bars were developed specifically with professional athletes in mind. During the development process, the Picky Bar founders were looking for a food that would both taste great and provide them with foods that could support their intense workouts. What they came up with is a combination of a bunch of the healthiest foods—including dates, peanut butter, honey, cereal, apricots, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and a heap of other goodies—all put into one highly healthy snack for pro athletes.

Picky Bars has targeted an optimal ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat to make their snacks effective for recovery, hunger control, and good digestion. In addition, the mix of ingredients provides for efficient energy absorption and high levels of energy but without the fluctuations in blood sugar that some other exercise foods can cause.

And, of course, the bars come in at only 200 calories.

The Best Ingredients for the Best Health

Picky Bars isn’t just picky about the nutrition that goes into the bars. They are also picky about what type of ingredients they include in their recipes. For a snack that’s conscious of both the athlete’s health and the environment, Picky Bars has chosen ingredients that satisfy both areas. Most of Picky Bar’s ingredients are organic, so you can be sure that you’re eating ingredients that are safe for both you and Mother Nature. And, when possible, Picky Bar also includes ingredients that are local to their area.

The mix of foods in each Picky Bars option allows for a range of health benefits beyond the basic mix of protein, carbs, and fat. In the Picky Bars original offering, Lauren’s Mega Nuts, dates are added for a high level of antioxidants and a mix of nuts are included to add a healthy intake of a variety of vitamins.

So if you’re getting ready for a race or you just finished the last leg of your triathlon, you can be sure thatPicky Bars will hit the spot.