Recover Right with RecoveryPump

When it comes to preparing for a triathlon, most people look at only two parts of the preparation process: training and nutrition. As vital as those are, the people who put themselves in the best position to perform well are those that consider the recovery process, too.

RecoveryPump gives triathletes a great method for recovery, as it is clinically tested and proven to help athletes recover as quickly and effectively as possible.

Doctor Tested

When you’re in training for a triathlon, you are looking to give yourself the best workout possible to properly prepare for the tough conditions of the race. But after those long, difficult workouts, the muscles can feel quite a bit of soreness. That’s because putting strain on the muscles for a long period of time leads to the buildup of lactic acid, creatine, and other waste in the muscles, and those chemicals cause fatigue and soreness.

The body has ways of flushing these waste materials out naturally, but they tend to take some time. In order to remove chemicals that have built up during exercise, the body needs some level of muscle movement in order to assist with this process. That is one of the benefits of cool-down exercises after a tough workout routine.

But adding RecoveryPump can be very effective in aiding the recovery process, because it simulates this type of muscle movement and flushes waste out of the muscles faster than other more traditional methods. The sequential inflation process is scientifically proven to help athletes feel better with less recovery time, and RecoveryPump uses only pressure levels that are safe for circulation in the lower extremities.

Athlete Approved

RecoveryPump is also a great option because of its flexibility and variety of options. In addition to being small and easy to put in your gym bag (or carry-on luggage), RecoveryPump has a number of convenient features that other compression treatment options just don’t have.

For example, whereas most compression implements can be bulky and difficult to put on, the zipper on RecoveryPump makes it easy to put on and take off. And, because it inflates completely in under 30 seconds, athletes have an extremely easy time utilizing the RecoveryPump as part of their post-workout recovery routine.

In addition, RecoveryPump comes in customizable sizes so that each athlete can get the best treatment possible. Most other options are one-size-fits-all, and their design limits compression on the tops and bottoms of the feet. With RecoveryPump, athletes get the benefit of compression around the whole foot, leading to more effective treatment and faster recovery. And, because the sizes can be customized to fit different specifications, each person can get the exact type of compression treatment they need, all with the convenient options included with RecoveryPump.

RecoveryPump is made to meet all of the highest standards for compression treatment with none of the drawbacks of other treatment implements. It’s easy to use, and it’s affordable, especially considering the cost of other FDA-approved compression devices. With RecoveryPump, athletes have an easy, low-cost option to cap off their workout routine the best way possible.