Sunblock That Works as Hard as You! Endurance Shield Sunscreen

As an endurance athlete, you spend a lot of time outdoors training, and while you’d rather workout in great weather, the sun creates problems of its own. Maybe you’ve put up with messy, greasy sunblocks that burn your eyes, dry your skin or simply don’t work well. And if so, maybe you make the biggest mistake of all – not using a sunblock.

Your skin is as important to your overall athletic performance as your muscles, bones and joints. You have to care for your skin during a workout the way you care for your muscles after one. Protection from the sun is critical. It’s no secret that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (including UVA and UVB) increases your risk of skin cancer and damages your skin.

Being fair-skinned of Dutch and Irish descent, I HAVE to be very careful in the sun. Plus, having spent years as a lifeguard, I have a lot of personal experience with a wide range of sunblocks, always looking for the perfect one. Let me tell you, the worst time to find out a sunscreen doesn’t work is after you’ve burned!

Based on my experience and my own personal trials, I’d like to tell you about a sunscreen I found that is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, but especially for endurance athletes: Endurance Shield. This sunscreen was inspired by professional triathletes, Alicia Kaye and Jarrod Shoemaker, who worked to find a sunblock that performed at the same high level that they did. The result is a sunblock that really works.

Endurance Shield sunblock provides powerful protection from harmful UVA (aging/cancer risk) and UVB (burning/cancer risk) rays. And it does so with normal and natural ingredients, not harmful chemicals. Plus it’s PABA free and safe for sensitive skin, reducing the chance for allergic reaction.

It’s waterproof and sweatproof, so you can swim, bike and run without worry. In addition to providing SPF 45 protection so you can safely spend hours in the sun, this sunscreen is also a moisturizer. It doesn’t run and won’t cause breakouts or clog your pores. The antioxidants in Endurance Shield combat free radical damage that may cause premature aging.

As an athlete, you keep your body in top shape and looking great. Add the best sunscreen I’ve ever used to your training regimen, and you can keep your skin looking healthy and great, too! Train hard; train smart.Don’t go out without sunblock.