The Best Sports Earbuds Around

Do you use an MP3 player or your phone to listen to music during triathlon training, but hate your earbuds falling out all the time? I use my phone and always had my earbuds fall out or annoy me constantly, but then I found something different.

I’ve found the best earbuds in the world when working out are Yurbuds. In fact, they’re so good that once they’re in your ears they’re guaranteed to stay there, even when you’re sweating at the gym or running in the rain.

They stay put because of two things.

TwistLock Technology

It means that you put them into your ear and give them a slight turn to hold them in place. And that’s it!

Soft Medical Grade Silicone

They’re made from a soft medical grade silicone that’s molded to match the contours of the ear. It not only helps them stay put in my ear, but also means they’re comfortable to wear for my Saturday or Sunday long run.

For you music nerds, that same shape is also ideal for directing sound into your ears. The jack plug is gold-plated to give a cleaner signal from your device, so you get to enjoy your favorite tunes whatever you’re doing.


Don’t Tell Your Training Partner This

At the same time, you still get enough ambient noise coming through to hear that car coming up behind, or what your training partner’s saying.


There are a few options in the range, from Yurbuds Inspire and Yurbuds Inspire for Women, through to the more rugged Yurbuds Inspire Duro, right up to Yurbuds Inspire Talk with a built-in microphone system, Yurbuds Driven Sport earphones, and top of the range Yurbuds Inspire Pro.

So, if you want you the best earbuds that stay in your ear at a budget friendly price, I love mine and suggest you make Yurbuds your buds too.