TriGuy Multisport Coaching Philosophy


One of the keys to reaching your performance goals is the synergy between you and your coach. To help you better determine if we will be a good match for each other, I’d like to share my coaching philosophy. I’ve helped hundreds of athletes reach their dreams using the seven key points I emphasize in my overall training approach. With me as your coach, I believe you can be on your way to better performance in no time!

Efficient and Smart Training Programs

Did you know that ignoring your training zones could make your overall training performance slower? Understanding your training zones and how your body works is at the heart of efficient training. Without that, you’ll spend time and energy on workouts that don’t produce results. TriGuy Coaching is founded on formal education in human and sports physiology.

We strive to educate you on pacing strategies, physical technique, and coordinated movements, so you first understand how your body works in order to make it work better. You’ll receive a personalized daily analysis of your progress, and your results are integrated into specific workout plans. Our detailed and customized efforts guarantee that all of our athletes have the right tools and motivation to work efficiently toward their performance goals. We’ve used this method with every one of the successful athletes on our roster.

Flexibility and Mobility

There are five key parts to every athlete’s body that are prime for allowing a dynamic range of motion for better performance yet are prone to injury. You will regret ignoring these: ankles, knees, hips, spine, and shoulders. We make sure that you pay particular attention to each of these zones to help preserve speed, agility, endurance, and overall fitness. This not only keeps you injury-free and in top condition, but also lowers your medical bills.

Functional Strength and Power

Many athletes forget (or never learned) the one little thing that can potentially take their training and racing to the next level. Maybe you’re one of them. This often neglected aspect of training incorporates explosive movements including stability exercises, lateral movements, and muscle balance training into workouts. However, without the right approach, these exercises can also lead to injury. Our workouts are designed to enhance the coordinated movement and relationship between your nervous and musculoskeletal systems, embracing whole movements rather than individual muscles. This reduces wear and tear on your body and improves overall fitness.

Nutrition for Performance

Your body needs fuel to perform…every day, not just on race day. Daily diet is often an overlooked performance component. You might be focusing so much on physical training that you forget that nutrition can be the determining factor in your performance. Are you are eating to win? TriGuy Coaching will make sure that you are. We start with a comprehensive analysis of your specific dietary needs, helping you understand how to fulfill endurance nutritional demands while eating healthy. Are you gluten-free, vegan, or have some other dietary restriction? Not to worry—we’ll work directly with you to find a diet plan that fits your lifestyle and supports your performance goals.

Feedback and Communication

Many experienced and talented coaches lack effective, professional communication skills and etiquette. However, attentive, respectful listening is a rare but important quality in any coach. At TriGuy, we focus on these qualities… critical to getting to know you better to help make you successful. To enhance your training, we send you a daily training plan and are open to any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Feedback is valuable to us, and we are available for in-person coaching and consultation as well as virtual contact. We use a variety of online chat programs and are always available via phone, text, or email. You will have access to us at any time of the day, from anywhere you have a phone or Internet connection.


As an athlete, you’re dedicated to your training, and we’re dedicated to you. We dedicate 110% to each and every athlete we work with. For this reason, we limit the number of athletes we coach to ensure that you get the level of personalized attention that we promise. Please contact us to find out what our current roster of athletes is. If we are unable to accept you as a current client, we can definitely refer* you to our trusted partners and colleagues.

Recovery and Rest

Recovery, like diet, is often overlooked by many athletes, yet it is as critical to your performance as training. For this reason, we always place a heavy emphasis on ensuring that you get adequate rest and recovery time. Recovery can take the form of corrective exercises, cool down sessions, consistent sleep patterns, or simply icing and stretching after a hard workout. Every athlete recovers differently, and we will monitor your health patterns and give you the best resting recommendations that fit your needs.

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We look forward to working with you to help you reach your performance goals.

*We carefully select our partners and seek to work with only the best-of-class leaders in endurance, multisport, and triathlon research, technology, and other complementary fields.

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