TRX Suspension Trainer – Gain Full-Body Fitness to Win

Every successful athlete understands the importance of total body fitness and strength. You need to do more than log hours on your bike, on the roads and in the pool. You need to maximize your training. But who has time, right?

There is an answer. I’m really impressed with the TRX® PRO Suspension Training Kit: With it you can get a full body workout anytime, anywhere. “Gym in a Bag” may sound like hype and something you’d hear on an infomercial, but trust me, it’s not. This product was developed by Navy SEAL, Randy Hetrick who needed to maintain absolute peak performance without access to weights or a gym.

This home suspension trainer uses your own body weight to provide fast, effective workouts that are scalable to all fitness levels, from beginners to SEAL-level. You’ll be in complete control of the intensity of your workout using your own body weight as resistance.

“Train anywhere” isn’t a sales pitch. You can complete your workout any place you have access to a door. The TRX® door anchor lets you turn any door into a complete gym. The training kit also includes extender and suspension anchors that turn any outdoor pole, swing set or tree into your convenient workout center.

You can do hundreds of exercises to build a strong core, power and flexibility. Modular workouts of 15- or 30-minute sessions fit your schedule, and workouts are ready to view on your electronic tablet or mobile device. Or you can follow the durable printed workout cards that are included.

The TRX® PRO suspension trainer is made with Dupont® Kevlar® fiber and is designed to stand up to commercial use. It’s fully and easily adjustable, so it fits you. The DVD and instruction guide give you expert instruction and the coaching you need to maximize your training, including a comprehensive tutorial and complete total body workout. Using a scientific approach, you’ll learn to progress and modify key movements and exercises, and you’ll also learn to identify and correct typical faults to avoid injury. The best thing about the TRX® system is that it trains your body as an integrated unit – exactly the same way you use your body in sports and in life.

With this system, you’ll develop functional strength, not simply the ability to improve or strengthen certain muscles and muscle groups. By including coordination, various muscular contractions, speed of movement and range of motion, you’ll be achieving functional strength that converts to improving your overall sports performance.

The TRX® is now used in all branches of the military and by top pro athletes in all major sports. It’s convenient and it works, plain and simple, and that’s why I recommend it.

Click here to order your TRX® Trainer and achieve the total body fitness and functional strength you need to reach your personal best.