Dedication. Passion. Commitment.

We pride ourselves with 100% commitment and focus towards triathlon and endurance coaching. We are serious about being successful and our dedication and passion for the sport is a reflection of this. Coaching is a constant pursuit of excellence and we are committed to ongoing personal improvement, lifelong learning, and professional development (the same expectations we demand of our athletes). We seek out every possible opportunity to evolve, grow, and improve and is why we work hard to ensure our athletes have the opportunity to succeed.


We create the maximum sustainable training load to have the correct workload at the right time for each athlete. The idea of training load progression over time is to allow you to tolerate and absorb a higher level of physical work. Creating a consistent schedule that is sustainable for you for a longer period of time at the right level of intensity will trigger improvement. It’s a predictable performance on race day that is achieved from consistency day-to-day without skipping training sessions or compromising recovery.

Efficient and Smart Training Programs

We strive to create an athlete-centered holistic program with committed coaches that lead and drive the technical and strategic elements. As your needs are supported by efficient and effective coaches and staff, we engage our support team and ensure you feel their work is firmly invested in your success. We educate you on pacing, technique, and coordinated movements, so you first understand how your body works in order to make it work better. You’ll receive a personalized daily analysis of your progress, and your results are integrated back into your training program. Our detailed and customized efforts guarantee that all of our athletes have the right tools and motivation to work efficiently toward their performance goals.

Functional Strength and Conditioning

This often neglected aspect of training incorporates explosive movements including stability exercises, lateral movements, hip and ankle mobility, and muscle balance training into workouts. However, without the right approach, supervision, and strength and conditioning program, your workout regimen will catch up to you and lead to injury. Our workouts are designed to enhance the coordinated movement and relationship between your nervous and musculoskeletal systems, embracing total body movements rather than individual muscles. We create good habits early on which reduces wear and tear on your body decreasing injury and helping improve overall fitness and performance.

Nutrition for Performance

Daily diet and nutrition is often an overlooked performance component. You might be focusing so much on physical training that you forget nutrition can be a determining factor in your performance. We make sure you are eating to win by starting with a comprehensive analysis of your specific dietary needs, helping you understand how to fulfill endurance nutritional demands while eating healthy. Are you gluten-free, kosher, vegan, paleo or have some other dietary restriction? We’ll work with you to find a plan that fits your lifestyle and supports your performance and health goals.

Feedback & Communication

Many experienced and talented coaches lack effective, professional communication skills and etiquette. However, attentive, respectful listening is a rare, but important quality in any coach. We focus on these qualities critical in getting to know you better to help make you successful. To enhance your training, we send you a daily training plan and are open to any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Feedback is extremely valuable to us and we work with our athletes to provide them with clear, quality instruction and continual feedback. We are also available for in-person coaching and consultations as well as virtual meetings. We use a variety of online chat programs and are always available via phone, text/SMS, email, Skype, or Google Chat. You have access to us any time of the day, from anywhere.

Mental Skills Preparation

Mental preparation is added into training just as a swim, bike, or run might be. To focus on maintaining and keeping perspective throughout training, we keep athletes out of the negative self-talk. We allow them focus on the hard work that they’ve done, just as we are constantly reviewing the training that athletes have done prior to race day to boost confidence. Instead of worrying about other athletes, you can focus on your ability to go fast. You never need to worry about what others are doing and can develop true confidence in you both on and off the race course.


Recovery, like nutrition and strength/flexibility, is often overlooked by athletes, yet it is as critical to your performance as training is. For this reason, we always place a heavy emphasis on ensuring that you get adequate rest and recovery time. Recovery can take the form of corrective exercises, cool down sessions, consistent sleep patterns, or simply icing, massaging, and stretching after a hard workout. Every athlete recovers differently, and we monitor your health patterns such as heart rate or oxygen saturation and give recommendations that fit your lifestyle and budget.