TriGuy Family Core Values

Our core values are critical to our success. They are the strong foundation of the culture, philosophy, training, and coaching we provide at TriGuy Multisport Coaching. It defines who we are and sets us apart from our competitors. They are the strength driving us forward as an organization and as we grow and evolve, these core values help guide and underlie our vision of the future as to what is truly important, how we behave, and the decisions we make.

1. Specificity

We are big fans of specificity and our workouts often mimic race day situations. Specificity is our gold standard and we seek to emulate both the speed and endurance challenges of racing with specific goal wattages, heart rate zones, and pace targets. With specificity, every workout has a purpose. As there is no replacement for swimming, running or cycling, specificity is a definite plan of action that ensures we get all the practical skills of racing.

2. Commitment

We value 100% commitment and focus towards triathlon and endurance coaching. We are serious about being successful, and dedication and passion for the sport is a reflection of this. We commit to ongoing personal improvement, lifelong learning, and professional development as coaching is a constant pursuit of excellence. To evolve, develop, and improve, we seek out every possible opportunity and work hard to ensure athletes have a chance to succeed.

3. Teamwork

It takes a village to make a great triathlete. Whether you are looking to increase your power output or decrease your risk of injury, we have a team of experts to identify the cause and the best course of action for you. We act as a team, committed to each other, and bound by trust and loyalty. We care about solving problems from the ground up, which means returning to the fundamentals. We regularly call on and work with specialists to help provide individualized analysis for triathletes.

4. Nutrition for Performance

We value food for performance by providing intelligent advice on endurance sports nutrition, supplements to complement an athlete’s diet and workload, and designing a fueling strategy for pre-race, race-day and post-race recovery. We ensure athletes understand the principles of endurance sports nutrition, supplementation and have the ability to prescribe a tailored fueling plan.

5. Pursuit of Growth and Education

We value the pursuit of education so you don’t have to educate yourself about the science behind training and how to build a plan. We read the latest research and occasionally attend clinics and webinars to get a hands-on instruction and new information. We focus on a solid understanding of the fundamentals of workload and have in-depth studies in exercise physiology, kinesiology, anatomy, nutrition, biomechanics, and sports psychology.

6. Feedback and Communication

We value feedback and dialogue. Experienced and talented coaches have efficient, professional communication skills and etiquette. However, attentive and respectful listening is a rare, but important quality in any coach. We focus on these qualities necessary to make athletes successful. We provide clear, quality instruction, and continual feedback for athletes.

7. Knowledge of the Rules

From youth and junior athletes to elite competitors (draft and non-draft legal) to para-triathletes, we seek to understand why rules are in place and look constantly to develop and display an understanding of the rules.

8. Integrity

We value integrity and treat athletes with fairness and respect, which means doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching. Integrity demands that we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard. Being ethical is taking full responsibility for the programs we create, are honest in words and behaviors, and the accuracy of those actions held to the highest standard. We recognize our role as a role model, leader and mentor to others, and will demonstrate an appreciation for the effort’s of others and the personal value of triathlon.

Commitment is a Two-Way Street

A commitment from us shows DISMAL results unless the athlete is fully behind the process. We ask for three rock-solid commitments from athletes.

Fully Committed to the Plan
A coach is there for supporting an athlete any way they can. One thing they can never do is run the event or exercise for the athlete. Only the athlete is in control of how hard or easy they choose exercise. Owning your endurance training, having faith in your ability, and trusting the completed work is about mind and your body working together. Coaches help develop the right mindset, but there is not a shortcut for endurance athletes.

Without Communication, No Success
Weekly discussions occur about your power, pace, perceived exertion and heart rate files along with information about the previous week’s training and/or race results. Without collecting and submitting the data your coach needs, they can not correctly help an athlete. Athletes need to communicate information to their coach completely and consistently. It is vital to communicate your overall work/life schedule and immediately report any injuries or concerns. It is essential to communicate with your coach weekly to understand your training needs.

A significant part of responsibility is planning ahead. This means getting up early for a training run, packing clothes for another (swimming pool), or requesting a workout change if the weather looks bad. In other words, it is not enough to commit to just the workout. To get quality training and peak performance on race day, athletes need to spend time planning how they will keep these commitments.

Do not let things just happen – make them happen! Stretch, eat and hydrate before those tough workouts, set time aside to get your mind pumped up.

Photo by suesmith2/iStock / Getty Images