Comprehensive Pro Performance Bike Fit


Comprehensive Pro Performance Bike Fit

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A bike is only as good as how well it fits the athlete, but in order to maximize power, comfort, and speed while decreasing fatigue and previous injuries, proper bike fit is crucial. We fit athletes to their bicycles using the latest in bike fitting technology measuring heart rate, power output, aerodynamics, and comfort to ensure a fast and efficient cyclist. We offer a distinct fitting experience, using standard measuring tools and trusted fitter’s use of proven techniques to fit the athlete to their bike correctly and correct any bio-mechanical inefficiencies. Trust the numerous athletes around the Mid-Atlantic and North East region who have trusted the knowledge and experience in finding the most comfortable, powerful and aerodynamic 

What Athletes Get:
– F.I.S.T Certified Bike Fitter
– Cleat Adjustment
– Hip, Knee and Foot Alignment
– Flexibility Assessment
– Static & Dynamic Saddle Height
– Fore-Aft Saddle Positioning
– Aerobar Adjustments

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