Webinars provide real insight and information on a variety of topics for athletes and give valuable educational opportunities for coaches. We offer an extensive range of webinars discussing coaching philosophy, guidance on mental skills, functional strength, recovery and cover particular subject matter that interests endurance athletes. Webinars conclude with a Q&A session where we encourage webinar members to participate in an open discussion with any questions they might have, and get input on issues that matter. Every webinar costs $20.00 each. We will be providing live webinars 1-3 times per month and the list of webinars can be found below.

Webinar Topics

Avoid Making The Ten Biggest Mistakes This Season
Base Training
Bike – Get the Basics
Diet and Nutrition
Eating Healthy on the Road
Efficient Cycling
Endurance Training
Equipment Selection
General Training Questions
How to increase speed and distance per stroke
Intro to Multisport
Marketing ideas for the elite coach
Nutrition Basics: Taper, Race Day and Recovery
Nutrition Basics: Training and Daily
Race Strategies, Tactics and Execution
Run – Get the Basics
Swim – Get the Basics
Technical Consultations on the latest equipment
Technical Skills on the Bike
Tools & Techniques in being a coach
Transition – Get the Basics
Triathlon training theories from a former US Navy Rescue Swimmer

Previously Recorded Webinars

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Webinars Include

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– Includes a 30-45 minute presentation, and 10-15 minute Q&A session encouraging webinar participants to ask any questions they might have related to the webinar.
– Archived and recorded, all webinars can be purchased in the future with unlimited viewing (Check out the available recorded webinars above).

Webinar Registration

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Videos & Webinars – Access to only five
——Introduction to Multisport (Triathlon 101): If you’ve never competed or trained for a triathlon before, this is a quick introduction. Then we dive into creating structured training and equipment choices
——Understanding Racing Tactics & Lightning Fast Transitions: Transitioning and race tactics, when done correctly, will bring a personal best to race day. Do it wrong and the competition wins
——Creating a Sport Specific Strength Training Routine: We’ll use functional sport specific exercises to quickly create three effective strength and conditioning workouts
——Designing the Off-Season: Where should you place recovery? How should your training be structured? This talk covers great off-season training plan design
——Learning to Plan Your Season: Reviewing Training Program Design: This is the method I use to design the training plans of every endurance athlete I coach. This will transition you into preparing to race your best season yet